Dawn Butler MP questions the Government after civilians holding white flags were killed in Gaza

Thank you, Madam Deputy Speaker. And my Point of Order also relates to Israel and Gaza. ITV News recently broadcast a video showing the killing of an unarmed civilian in Gaza who was waving a white flag, the international symbol of peace.

It is not the first time unarmed people have been killed in Gaza while raising white flags. In fact, three israeli hostages were brutally killed whilst being topless and waving a white flag. This is deeply concerning to me and I'm sure to many people in this House.

Now, an Israeli Defence Force Commander has indicated that the IDF were responsible, saying "There are mistakes, it is war."

Given that this incident could potentially constitute a war crime, how can we in this House ensure that the government comes to this House to assure us that this incident will be properly investigated and ensure us that UK supplied weapons were not used in this, and set out what steps are being taken to ensure that Israel follows the ICJ ruling?