Dawn Butler MP provides update on Willesden Green Bank Closures

I am concerned by recent plans announced by Natwest, Lloyds and HSBC to close bank branches in the area. It is especially concerning that these closures are happening around the same time.

It is vital that we maintain access to banking services locally. I am especially concerned that we maintain access to cash as this is how many families struggling to get by manage their budget. It is concerning that we have seen a 37% reduction since 2018 in the number of free cash machines.

I can assure you that I am is engaging with Natwest, Lloyds and HSBC and we are working with the Labour Group in Brent Council to hold these providers accountable.

We recently had an assessment of the area carried out by LINK who recommended that due to the level of local need, a banking hub will be required. A banking hub brings together a variety of services with multiple providers operating under one roof.

I understand that there will be a banking hub established in Willesden Green and I will have further meetings with Cash Access UK, along with local councillors, who manage these facilities.