The Bernie Grant Leadership Programme 2023/24

As the Founder of the Bernie Grant Leadership Programme, it was a delight to welcome the latest intake into of mentees for 2023/24 to the Houses of Parliament.

This is a year long training programme designed to address the underrepresentation of black people at all levels within the Labour Party, and ultimately in our civic and political life.

The programme is named in honour of the late Labour MP, Bernie Grant, who was one of the first black MPs to be elected in the UK.

The Bernie Grant Leadership Programme aims to build on the black talent we know exists within Party and, empower the black leaders of tomorrow with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in selection, and election, processes.

The training programme covers anti-racism, black leadership, navigating the Labour Party processes, organising locally and nationally, digital and doorstep campaigning, workplace organising, building a media profile and local story and more.