Take action on bonus payments to Post Office Executives

We have all been so appalled by the Post Office Horizon Scandal which led to sub-postmasters and sub-postmistresses being prosecuted and, in some cases, jailed. Others committed suicide.

They people deserve justice and reparations for the gross wrongs that have been committed.

Over a million people have now signed a petition calling on former Post Office CEO, Paula Vennells, to hand back her CBE and under the weight of public pressure she has now done so.

This however is not enough.

It is so plainly wrong that whilst people were being jailed, and others losing their lives and livelihoods, that Post Office executives were pocketing millions of pounds in bonuses. It is so profoundly wrong which is why I have now written to the Secretary of State for Business calling on her to initiate steps within her department to recover the millions in wrongly paid out bonuses.

As the Post Office is owned by the Department for Business, it is in the power of the Secretary of State to act, and I will hold her to account.  

I wrote to the Government along with longstanding Post Office campaigner Kate Osborne MP.