Statement on Nurse Title Campaign and Health and Care Bill

The Health and Care Bill is a bad bill which will turn the NHS into a publicly funded cash cow, where private companies sit on NHS decision making boards and our data could be up for sale.

Yesterday I tried to add a safeguard for patients but I'm hugely disappointed in the Government for voting down my important amendment to protect the job title of ‘nurse’.

This is such a shame, as it would have given registered nurses the respect they deserve for their experience and expertise, and protected patient safety.

The Government’s excuses simply don't stack up, they already admit that the change should be made and they could have easily accepted it and then made further amendments later.

Their refusal to accept this simple, long overdue change is a damning indictment on this untrustworthy Government and proves once again they are not on the side of registered nurses.

But this is not over – the battle now moves to the House of Lords where we will continue to push for this vital change.