I visited the Newman Catholic Easter Holiday Club

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Newman Catholic College to see the fantastic work they are doing on their Easter holiday club. I know this can be a challenging time for parents as they seek to balance work and childcare over a period of many weeks. I know that the holiday club has been a very welcome addition for many parents and families!

The school was working with Harlesden Police to run activities for young people such as sports which include boxing, rugby, basketball, football, and team building and leadership workshops to build confidence and leadership skills.

I was delighted to sit in for one of the team building exercises and I was very impressed with how the pupils worked together to complete these activities and I am looking forward to seeing how the skills they gain in these sessions help them develop in the future.

I even got to have a little taster myself as I put on the boxing gloves and was led through a mini training session, and I had an absolute blast!