Dawn Butler MP speaks to ITV about the Safety and Security of MPs

In recent years the safety and security of MPs has been at the very forefront of our minds. After the tragic murder of my dear friend, Jo Cox, as well as that of David Amess, we have had to make considerable changes to the way we go about our jobs and the safety measures we deploy.

I experience a phenomenal amount of abuse every day. And this peaks whenever I speak in Parliament on the issues that matter most or appear in the media. To shine a light on this and the changes we have had to make to represent our constituents, I was recently joined by ITV. ITV joined me for one day as I went about my daily business, including carrying out my regular advice surgery.

You can watch the news segment online and read the write-up at https://www.itv.com/news/2024-04-04/i-refuse-to-be-scared-mps-discuss-personal-safety-concerns-amid-rise-in-abuse