My opposition to the Illegal Migration Bill

I am strongly opposed to the government’s Illegal Migration Bill. I have spoken out against the Bill in Parliament, have voted against it, and have joined protests against it.

You cannot pick and choose who has human rights. No one is born illegal – in fact, the only likely illegal thing is this Tory Government’s hateful Illegal Migration Bill.

The Tory Government is doing this to test our resolve, to test whether we have love in our hearts or whether we have hate. This Government shows only hate and contempt for refugees – we cannot be like them. Refugees are people. They are fleeing war and persecution and it is inhumane to lock up pregnant women and children. It’s time to say no more hate and no more cruelty.

Now more than ever we must speak out and show that we are a compassionate, caring country. That’s why I will continue to say it loud and clear: refugees are welcome here.

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