I helped organise "It's Time" Violence Against Women & Girls Service at St Pauls Cathedral

In June 2020, Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry were brutally murdered in Fryent Country Park in Brent.

Their mother, Mina Smallman, a former Archdeacon in the Church of England and a formidable campaigner for the rights of women called this service at St Paul’s Cathedral “It’s Time” to remember those women and girls whose lives have been lost to violence, to celebrate their lives, and a call to action for justice and change to come now!

This service brought together many families affected by violence against women and girls, and the very many organisations working to tackle it. The service was attended and supported by the Mayor of London.

It was my pleasure to work with and support Mina in making this service a reality and to attend and pledge my support to the many families affected by these awful crimes.