Dawn welcomes winners of Christmas card competition to Houses of Parliament

Dawn takes the winners to tea on the House of Commons Terrace 

Dawn welcomed to the Houses of Parliament the winners of the 2019 Christmas Card Competition from Furness Primary School in Brent.  Every year Dawn Butler MP will invite school children from schools across Brent to participate in her Christmas card competition. The winning entries are featured on a calendar delivered to all 50,000 households in the Brent Central constituency.  The winning 2019 entries were received from Amarna Norris and Joshua Llorente of Furness Primary School. Dawn Butler MP took the children on a tour of parliament and to lunch on the terrace.  Dawn said: 


“It was a pleasure to welcome Amarna and Joshua to the Houses of Parliament and to congratulate them on their winning entries to my Christmas card competition. I received many entries from Brent schools which were all of an especially high quality – Amarna and Joshua should be rightly proud of their achievement.”