Dawn Speaks at the #YouTubeBlack NextUp Camp of aspiring young creators.

YouTube NextUp was launched in 2011 as a free event aiming to help diverse voices build communities on YouTube and grow their channels.

The week-long camp offered mentorship from YouTube execs and industry professionals, hands on training on professional production equipment and access to workshops and inspirational talks.  Dawn joined the group as the main guest speaker to share her views on diversity and inclusion and balanced representation. She was involved in an informal chat and held a Q&A with aspiring young creators from the class of 2019 about their careers and to ask for advice. Dawn also shared stories about her own journey and awarded certificates to the group.  #YouTubeBlack NextUp Camp was attended by 12 channels covering music, lifestyle, education, cooking, family & learning and entertainment; The Cyber Nerds; Momma Cherri; Sam Dey; AllThatJaz; KESHIAEAST; Ehis; Miss Varz; Naya Talks; Ocean; Bibiana Yetty Vlogs; Mel Tom and Mr200m.  Dawn said:  

“I was delighted to attend this fantastic event organised by YouTube and it was an absolute pleasure to speak to such inspirational young people.     I was open and honest about my journey and barriers, as sometimes people see the destination not realising the journey.     It was great to see so many talented and powerful creatives in one room and I loved watching their short films – I am sure they will continue to grow and improve their respective channels.     We must do more in society to unlock the great talent and potential that we have in our young people, and I would particularly like to see more people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds given opportunities to succeed, including in the media and entertainment industries where they are sadly often underrepresented.”

 Terri Scriven, Head of Creator & Artist Development, YouTube EMEA, said: 

“We are incredibly proud of the creators that attended our YouTubeBlack NextUp event and that they could call YouTube a home to share their powerful stories.     We remain committed to helping underrepresented voices be heard on YouTube and are looking forward to our next event. We are also grateful that Dawn Butler, MP for Brent Central could join us to share her inspiring personal challenges and successes.”     Following the event, Dawn plans to meet with YouTube to discuss some of the policy issues raised and learn more about YouTube’s other work in local communities such as Brent."