Dawn Butler MP wins council backing in campaign to halt night closure of Urgent Care Centre

Dawn speaks at the Full Meeting of Brent Council 

Dawn Butler MP has called on Brent Council to join her in opposing cuts to local health services.  Ms Butler spoke at the Full Meeting of Brent Council on the 16th September 2019, becoming the first ever Brent MP to do so, specifically calling on local councillors to back a motion opposing cuts to local healthcare services. Ms Butler cited in her speech serious very concerns over the removal of sickle cell services from the south of the borough and Brent CCGs current plan to shut down Central Middlesex Hospital Urgent Care Centre at night.  The motion, which was passed by Brent Council and is now Local Authority policy, pledged that it would now work the Brent Members of Parliament to oppose future alterations to local NHS services that threaten the safety of patients and residents.  Dawn Butler MP, speaking of the motion, said: 

“I am deeply concerned that healthcare in my constituency has been under a sustained attack. In 2014 we lost our A&E forever, we have lost sickle cell support services and now there are plans to shut the Urgent Care Centre at night and to also close down Cricklewood Walk-In Centre. I welcome that Brent Council has taken this momentous decision to join me in opposing yet more savage cuts to local healthcare services. This is an important first step towards holding local decision makers accountable and in ensuring my constituents, particularly those in the south of the borough, have equal access to vital healthcare services.”