Dawn Butler MP demands for Windrush Justice on the steps of Number 10

 Dawn presents the petition to Downing Street.

Dawn today presented her Change.org petition demanding justice for the Windrush generation to Prime Minister Theresa May.  Ms Butler presented the petition on the steps of Number 10 Downing Street, nearly three years to the day since Theresa May delivered her first statement as Prime Minister in which she pledged to fight against the burning injustices in society.  The petition called on the outgoing Prime Minister to ensure fairness for those affected by resolving all outstanding cases of the Windrush scandal before she leaves office on 24th July, next week.  As of Wednesday 17th July, the petition has already received almost 10,000 signatures on Change.org and has been supported by a number of MPs including Chi Onwurah MP, Kate Hollern MP, Marsha de Cordova MP, Afzal Khan MP, Marie Rimmer MP, Laura Smith MP, Khalid Mahmood MP, Mike Amesbury MP and James Firth MP who all joined Dawn in delivering the petition.  Along with the petition was an accompanying letter, Ms Butler spoke to the hostile environment policy that was strengthened by Ms May during her tenure as both Prime Minister and Home Secretary.  She also mentioned the infamous ‘Go Home’ vans that Ms May signed off on, some of which she said drove around targeting constituents in her own Brent constituency.  Dawn, speaking after delivering the petition to Downing Street, said: 

“Today, sends a loud message to Theresa May and the incoming Prime Minister that the public will not forget the Windrush generation and will not sit back and allow them to brush the Windrush scandal under the carpet. If the Prime Minster wants to move on from this she needs to resolve the cases.     May has a week to form some sort of positive legacy, she must do right by the Windrush Generation who came to Britain’s aid in their time of need after the war.     The Prime Minister said that she wanted to tackle the burning injustices in society, this is a glaring burning injustice, If the Prime Minister fails to restore British Citizenship to those it was cruelly stripped from she will now go down in history a Prime Minister that not only increased the injustices in society but as someone who deliberately fuelled the burning injustices in society."

 You can still sign the petition here