Prime Minister Lying - Ministerial Code EDM 383

Back in July I took a stand and called out the Prime Minister's lies in Parliament for what they are, yet I suffered the consequences. It didn't make sense then and it still doesn't today. 

If you didn't see my contributions at the time you can below now.

It is time to demand change, our Ministerial Code is not fit for purpose and especially when the judge and jury of that is the Prime Minister himself.  Members of Parliament need to be able to do what we were elected to do and hold the government to account. According to the Ministerial Code you are not allowed to lie. So Parliament, not the PM, should hold ministers to account.  That is why I have tabled an Early Day Motion to call for wholesale changes. With the EDM going live this morning we already have over 40 MPs signed up and I'm determined to get this figure to over 300.  You can view the EDM in full and see all the signatories here.  But to secure over 300 signatures can I count on your support?  Below I have drafted a template Email for you to send to your sitting MP (if you don’t know whose MP is yours please visit  Subject: Call on my Member of Parliament to change the Ministerial Code  

Dear (insert MP name),  

My name is (insert name) and I live in your constituency.  I am getting in touch to ask you to change the House of Commons Ministerial Code urgently.  Trust in the ministerial code has been eroded by the actions of the Prime Minister. Yet our Prime Minister and Cabinet continue to mislead the House of Commons and the public and face no consequences. We need a systematic change of our system to make this right.  Therefore I am asking, please will you sign Dawn Butler MPs Early Day Motion 383, which is calling on the Government to take steps to make the House of Commons responsible for deciding whether alleged breaches should be investigated and determining whether Ministers have breached the code?  

Thank you very much for your support.  

Yours sincerely, 

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