In an opposition day debate held this week in the House of Commons on the schools white paper, which includes plans to convert every school into an academy, Dawn Butler MP called on the Government to drop their controversial plans.

Dawn Butler MP said in summing up her speech:

I urge the Government to stop and listen to the teachers who are staying in the profession, as well as to those who are leaving it, and just do a U-turn on this flawed White Paper.”

In her speech before the House of Commons Ms Butler also highlighted the forced academisation of local school St Andrew & St Francis C of E Primary saying:

“Despite the objections of the unions and the parents, no proper information had been given to them. The parents wanted to have a ballotÂ… but the school would not allow that to happen. Strikes and marches by the parents followed, and the kids were distressed, because the school was forced to turn into an academy. I worry that will follow when other schools are forced to turn into academies.”

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SikCA46PprM